Artist Residency

Ghaith Mofeed - Artist in Residence

Delfina Foundation - London

November 22 – December 17, 2017

Ghaith Mofeed is a visual and conceptual artist. His works document the historical and geographical voyages of his ancestral heritage and the journey that is being experienced today. He says in his project (The value of a cell) “I went to get a plant, got seeds. The words of my relatives there made me realize how many plants I am already seeding. Syrians we were born. Our view is not the same anymore, it has been scattered here and there, along with our value, scattered on the sand, and we've been told to collect it with bear feet on a windy day.” 


During his residency Ghaith will be developing his new sound installation Transmissions, a radio transmission in different languages. While simultaneously doing a research on cartographic elements for his new untitled work that investigates the actual unseen distance between countries.

Ghaith currently works in production at Protocinema, an art organization, that seeks to open up dialogue and improve mutual understanding between individuals, across regions. 


Exhibitions include a solo show in 2015, The value of a cell at 5533 in Istanbul, as part of Protocinema's Proto5533 emerging artists and curators exhibition series.