Happy 2019!

We are pretty psyched about our latest issue of The Journal. In Issue Four we move away from the traditional realms of painting and sculpture to explore new media: photography, digital, moving image, sound. Artists today are using so many exciting materials in ever new and innovative ways – what are contemporary Syrian artists up to, what are they using and why?

We dive deep into this via a fantastic essay by Mohammad Omran. In ‘Postmodernism and its Affect on the Plastic Arts in Syria’ he examines when and how new media and conceptual art began to gain popularity in Syria, and shares the artists you need to know about.

There’s loads more – from a special new feature we’ve called Gallery, highlighting key works from an artist’s career (this issue it’s the insightful Buthayna Ali, whose work, with its gritty and immersive quality, examines social and cultural conventions).

We also interview Vienna-based Akram Halabi, who brings together the disparate elements of photography and text to create what he refers to as a ‘third concept’ and, last but not least, we are also extremely excited to announce The Atassi Foundation Writer’s Prize! Check out all the details, including how to enter, on our website.

Happy reading!

Shireen Atassi & Anna Wallace-Thompson