As mentor to generations of artists, the impact of Subhi Shuaib’s teachings and work is still felt in the Syrian art community. 

Born in Damascus, Subhi Shuaib (1909–1974) studied painting at the Teachers’ Institute in Damascus and graduated in 1929. Afterwards, he was assigned to teach painting at schools in Homs and became a significant figure in the artistic scene of the city. In 1962, he founded the Centre of Fine Arts in Homs, and retired from teaching in 1967. Many prominent artists studied with Shuaib or later at the Centre. Shuaib painted in the realistic classic style that was common in this period. A documentation of Syrian life, his paintings focused on daily activities, portraits and still lives. 

When Shuaib passed away in 1974, the Centre of Fine Arts was renamed in his memory and a retrospective of his work held there. In his lifetime, he exhibited throughout Syria as well as Lebanon, Russia, Germany and Poland. His artworks have been acquired by the Syrian Ministry of Culture, National Museum in Damascus and are in private collections.