Born in Golan Heights in 1983, Randa Maddah graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Sculpture, in Damascus, Syria in 2005. She had to return to Golan Heights after graduation. She continued her art activities, volunteering in Fateh al-Mudarres Centre. Recently, Maddah has been using pencil and paper techniques, as well as sculpting. She expresses herself through several media, from drawing and painting, to film and video.
Randa participated in many workshops in Golan Heights, Palestine, and Sweden. In 2011 – 2014, she participated in group exhibitions in Marseille, Milan, Umea, Locarno, Birzeit, Ramallah, and Golan. She also had two solo exhibitions, one in Golan in 2006, and another in Paris in 2015.