Born in Banias in 1958, Ahmad Moualla graduated from the Department of Visual Communications, Faculty of Fine Arts, Damascus University; in 1981. He obtained a Diploma from the École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux Arts in Paris in 1987. He became a lecturer in the Faculty of Fine Arts, and worked on advertisements, book covers, scenography, and stage design in theatre, film, and TV. He won a number of awards, and held several solo exhibitions in Abu Dhabi, France, Hungary, Beirut, Greece, Germany, Dubai, Damascus, Kuwait, Istanbul, and Bahrain. He also participated in group exhibitions in Turkey, New York, Damascus, Doha, Zurich, Cairo, and Sharjah. Ahmad Moualla addresses gatherings and crowds via an expressionist style. His ideas are expressed through dynamics between people and elements within the painting, where he applies rich colour strokes.