When we published the last issue of the Journal last October, we informed you, our dear readers, that there were changes to expect in the format and content of this online publication.

What started as a small project in 2018 has grown to become an integral part of our vision for building a platform for the study and appreciation of Syrian art. Now comes a time when the Journal needs to transform into a deeper and more academic exchange of ideas. This transformation stems from our strong belief in the long-term value of this initiative and trust that what we are presenting will help create knowledge, appreciation and understanding of Syrian art.

Instead of publishing themed multi-feature issues, we will publish regular in-depth essays that delve deeper into the questions that shape the landscape of Syrian art in the past, present and future. These may take the form of long-form inquiries or short reviews, but, in either case, will raise important questions about the current state and traces of Syrian art. We dedicate this initiative to the young generation of Syrian artists and researchers whose current realities have raised questions about the concept of identity and cultural belonging.

The first issue of this new format of the Journal is written by the person who is responsible for this initiative – artist and researcher Nour Asalia; and in it she addresses the issue of art writing in Syria. Her essay, entitled “Criticism, History and Philosophy: An Overview”, is available to read here in both English and Arabic.

We welcome essay proposals. Please email to Nour Asalia on nour@atassifoundation.com