Collaboration with Ettijahat Independent Culture

SOBOL Series: An overview of Syrian Art

April 5, 2023

About the Project

We are proud to announce our collabration with Ettijahat–Independent culture

Together we are launching the SOBOL series (Syrian fine art: 1920–2020) prepared and presented by Mohammad Omran.

Through this series we provide an overview of the Syrian fine art scene, its beginnings, its development and its transformations over a century. To achieve this, we will present 10 chapters, each covering a different theme of entry into the subject

First episode: Portraits of the Face and Body in Syrian art

The subject of portraiture is one of the most widely explored in Syrian art, evident in the works of artists of all eras across different methods and techniques, from the art scene's early pioneers to young artists today. As a topic, portraiture has extensively developed with each subsequent generation, becoming a means of expressing a state or a metaphor or even a satirical commetary on a subject.

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