Known for his hyper realistic still life paintings, Othman Moussa is influenced by 17th-century realism. As the Syrian war intensified, the objects in his still lifes began to take on allegorical traits related to the conflict.

Born in Zabadani, Othman Moussa (1974) received his artistic training in painting at the Adham Ismail Center for Plastic Arts and the Walid Izzat Sculpture Institute in Damascus.

At first glance, his works are tranquil, soft and poetic, referencing the Dutch history of Old Master still life paintings, where there was an emphasis on the perishable quality of the food or flower – the passing of life into death or a caution against greed or excess. As the Syrian uprisings and violence took hold, Moussa began to turn these everyday objects into subjects of war. Utilising satire as a biting form of social commentary, his works are laden with messages about the ambitions and policies of today's world leaders and the conflict itself.

Othman Moussa’s work has been in solo and group exhibitions including Ayyam Gallery London; Ayyam Gallery DIFC, Dubai; Ayyam Gallery Al Quoz, Dubai; Ayyam Gallery Beirut; Ayyam Gallery Damascus.