Artist Ala’ Hamameh was significantly affected by the situation in Syria and the ongoing war in the recent years. Therefore he’s created works instigated by the uprising in his country, documenting the humanist aspects and the interaction with political events.In an interview with Syria Untold he describes his work as "the embodiment” of all that he sees around him and in breaking news, “summarising them through line, shape and colour."

Born in Masyaf, Hama, Ala’ Hamameh (1983) graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts at Damascus University in 2005. He works across disciplines in diverse media including painting, sculpture, video installation and photography. While his work continuously evolves, the socio-political themes within them remain as a constant underlying current in his work.

Hamameh has participated in group and solo exhibitions in Syria, Lebanon, Germany, France, the Netherlands and Switzerland at venues such as the National Symposium of Sculpture – Homs, Beirut Art Fair, Venice Biennale, Contemporary Istanbul, Caravane Culturelle Syrienne, and the New National Museum MUZA – Malta.