The soft and hazy paintings of Ghassan Nana have a nostalgic air, whether in the depiction of landscapes or figurative scenes. He explains his process by saying: “When I start working, I leave the world behind me and rely on my intuition and memory, from my knowledge of colours to instincts of pleasure. I transport my feelings as I begin the work.”

Born in Homs, Ghassan Nana (1953) studied in the Fine Arts Center in Homs, and graduated from the Department of Painting, Faculty of Fine Arts, Damascus University. He builds his paintings through dabs and short brushwork, sometimes adding touches of colour in an impressionist, almost abstract manner. The misty and peaceful scenes are a revival of his past and a contemplation of everyday worries. He writes: “Human worry is rooted in my visual taste, which was established at a time where I was focused on the nature of life and the environment. It is rich with elements of origin and history, such the city with its markets, houses with its people and personalities with its faces drained from business activities.”

Nana has work shown internationally in Syria, Russia, Sweden, the UK, Jordan, Qatar, Bulgaria, Tunisia, France and Egypt.