Capturing the fervour of the revolution in Syria, Fares Cachoux is known for his poignant posters. Intended to be accessible for mass consumption, he says: "The poster should be as clear and flagrant as the events of the uprising… Here lies the conundrum! You need to summarise these complex events with the minimum number of components, without losing its meaning."

Born in Homs, Fares Cachoux (1976) studied computer engineering at the University of Aleppo, before finishing his Masters and PhD in digital art and visual communication at Université Paris-Est Marne-la-Vallée. 

With their striking colours and simple silhouettes, Cachoux’s posters act as a vehicle for his activism. “I always hope that the simplicity of the graphic style helps the viewer to link the image to the parallel real-life event,” he says, “reviving the curiosity to search, read and to know more about what is happening in Syria,”

Not only working in graphic design but also in film, he directed the 2013 short movie Al Kalb (The Dog), which was screened at the Cannes Festival. In 2015, he held his first solo exhibition in Paris, after his inclusion in Banksy’s Dismaland show in the UK. He has participated in group exhibitions and events about the Syrian cause and his work is regularly published in magazines and newspapers such as The Huffington Post, Le Monde, La Presse and Le Temps.