Dedicated to the creation of optical illusion through installations and digital artworks, DINO Ahmad Ali uses it “to remind people that each reality can have several points of view. The best way to convey visual information is to make the viewers an essential part of the work. From a simple spectator, (the viewer) becomes an actor…”

Born in Syria, DINO Ahmad Ali (1985) graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Damascus. He obtained a Master's degree focusing on the subject of ‘Digital: Issues and Technology’ from the University of Paris VIII where he later defended his PhD with the thesis ‘The conception of visual information and the spectator's role in an interactive optical illusion installation’.  

DINO uses photography and video art, as well as digital technology, as tools for his optical work highlighting the relationship between black and white to produce visual movements that can capture attention and evoke sensual references in visitors. His notable exhibition at the Europia Gallery in 2015, Freedom of Illusion, addressed the situation in Syria while inviting visitors to participate in its composition, challenging perceptions on the difference between what a person can see and what exists.

DINO has exhibited interactive installations and digital art in Europe and Syria at institutions, festivals and biennales, including at the Institut du Monde Arabe, Paris; National Museum of Damascus; Horizons Festival, Manchester; Oslo World Festival; Santorini Biennale and the Venice Biennale.