One of the most famous Syrian artists, Muhammad Harb, aka Abu Subhi Al Tinawi, was born in Damascus in 1888 and died in 1973. Abu Subhi came from a family of glass-painting and tapestry professionals. With colours made by himself, he made tapestries that were hung on the walls of coffee-shops as visual elements of folk epics, told by traditional storytellers. As such, his subjects were derived from folk epics, such as Antara bin Shaddad, Abu Zaid Al Hilali, Al Zaher Baibars, and Al Zeer Salem. His work is famous for simple representations of characters and their expressions, mixed with a high sense of colour. Although Al Tinawi never learned to write or read, he was famous for his signature: “Abu Subhi Al Tinawi, Bab Al Jabieh, Zawyet Al Hunoud, Damascus, Syria.” Several researchers and filmmakers have been interested in his work and Gallery Atassi owns some of his work.