NEW OPEN CALL: Art Writing Prize

Previous Winners


2020: Lubna Hammad, ‘A History of Art Associations in Damascus During the 20th Century: From Emergence Until the First Arab Conference of Fine Arts in Damascus in 1971’

Lubna Hammad’s essay explored how, throughout the development of Syria’s art scene, art associations played a key role in the support and encouragement of artists, as well as in the creation of major art events and exchanges between Syrian artists and their neighbours in the wider Middle East as well as on a global stage. Hammad outlined the major movements of the 20th century and their key players, charting the most significant art associations of each era, their impact and their lasting legacies. She focused on reviewing major art events during this period of time, culminating in holding the First Arab Conference of Fine Arts in Damascus in 1971 and the establishment of the Arab Plastic Artists Union in 1973. This essay can be found on:

2019: Nour Asalia, ‘Syrian Art in Paris’

The winner of our inaugural prize examined how Paris became an educational – and later a political – haven for artists from Syria, beginning with the first generation of artists to study there in the late 19th and early 20th century. Asalia touches upon major movements and notable artists who have continued the trend through the 20th century, ending on the younger generation of contemporary artists who settled in Paris after the events of the Arab Spring as well as notable institutions and their role in the arts. The complete essay can be found on:​